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Windows and front doors by GAULHOFER ...

... are premium savers of heating costs.

In an average building, up to 40% of heat loss is due to old windows that are not airtight. When it comes to heat insulation, GAULHOFER is the top leader in innovation. The GAULHOFER ENERGYLINE remains the unchallenged best-in-class in energy saving. But all other GAULHOFER product lines also achieve a passive house level. The quickest way to a reduction of heating costs is the way to your GAULHOFER dealer.

... are beautiful and yet better insulating.

Lots of glass, less frame — that’s the wish of many architects and builders. But this combination is realized only far too often at the expense of heat insulation. Not with GAULHOFER: Our practically frameless GLASSLINE windows are suitable even for the passive house.

... are long lasting quality products.

GAULHOFER stands for high-end products that are renowned worldwide. Numerous measures, often carried out by hand, ensuring long-lasting quality, are integrated in the production. GAULHOFER windows and front doors have a longer life cycle: They remain beautiful longer and function just as well as a new product does even after many years of use.

... come from sustainable production.

Closed utilization cycles in terms of basic materials such as varnishes, the use of premium native woods from sustainable forestry, as well as factory-owned heat generation guarantee to GAULHOFER customers that they are doing the right thing. It is a great feeling to live with windows made by GAULHOFER.

...are produced in Austria by a company that is 100% Austrian.

GAULHOFER windows and doors are subject to the strict quality criteria prevailing in Austria. The comprehensive Austrian know-how in window construction and the high domestic standards are among the most important arguments for our success on the international market. GAULHOFER stands for quality made in Austria.

... come only together with professional installation and the finest consultancy.

Owing to a tightly-knit dealer network, GAULHOFER can provide excellent on-site support. The GAULHOFER partner crafts a tailor-made offer for the window customer that saves the customer much time and effort; he ensures the professional and clean installation of the windows and is available to help with words and deeds afterward: The quality brand of GAULHOFER guarantees premium service — both before and after the purchase. Windows and doors made by GAULHOFER deliver exactly what the name promises.