CE-MARKING Austria. European Building Products Guideline (BPR, 89/106/EWG)

The most significant requirements are

- Mechanical resistance and stability
- Fire prevention
- Hygiene, health and environmental protection
- Operational safety
- Noise insulation
- Energy savings and heat insulation


Several product standards relevant for window manufacturers have been implemented in the course of the implementation of the European Building Products Guideline (one speaks of "harmonisation": European standards are being implemented nationally; this means that contradictory national standards and permits are withdrawn, the wording of the European standard is being translated and adopted in its entirety). These standards regulate which characteristics (performance characteristics) are being determined and classified in what way and which threshold values, if any, need to be achieved. As long as there are not national legal requirements, certain features can be labelled as "npd" for "no performance determined".


CE-marking allows the manufacturers to state the performance characteristics of their windows and/or front doors on their own responsibility. This makes laborious proof by means of certificates and national permits in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in Switzerland redundant.