Neue Fenster in nur einem Tag

Replacing your windows allows you to save energy and money - for many years to come. That is why it is all the more important to pay attention to the quality of both the windows and their installation. Gaulhofer offers a complete package: high-quality windows and professional service. A Gaulhofer partner removes the existing elements and installs your new windows in a clean and safe way. And it all takes just two hours. Thus, you will be relieved of all your worries. And this is how it is done:

Schritt 1

As early as in the preparation phase, you can see whether or not your window partner works thoroughly. If they bring along a cover to protect your floors and make sure everything is clean when they leave, you can be sure they work carefully.

Schritt 2

First, they will remove the old window sashes, then the window frames. For this purpose, experts cut into the frame (in this example, on the left side of the window frame). Thus, they can remove the frame safely and without damaging the walls.

Schritt 3

Once this is done, experts remove the inner and outer window sills. Generally, new windows show greater construction depth for reasons of achieving better thermal insulation values. Therefore, the inner and outer window sill connections need to be adapted.

Schritt 4

Subsequently, the new window frame is being inserted and precisely positioned in vertically and horizontally.

Apart from insulating and sealing the attachment joints around the window frame, the element is being connected (that is to say, bolted) to the walls in a load-bearing way. Experts know the correct distances between the attachment points.

Schritt 5

The next step is installing and precisely adjusting the new window sashes.

Schritt 6

In the final phase, experts install the new window sills and seal them against the window frame.

Only if all these steps are performed meticulously and thoroughly, one can be sure that the window remains insulated for many years, saves energy and can be operated easily, even after venting the room hundreds of times.

that's it

This is how it looks like when an expert takes care of your rehabilitation project: Rehabilitation work is completed on the same day. All that remains are beautiful new windows and more comfort in your home.