Full-range supplier for windows, doors and sun protection

Gaulhofer – the pioneer in wooden windows


An Austrian company with a long tradition,  Gaulhofer not only offers customers high-quality windows and front doors, but sun protection as well. Gaulhofer ranks as one of Europe's leading suppliers in the building components sector. Exports account for some 38% of sales. The product range encompasses wooden and wood-aluminium windows, uPVC and uPVC-aluminium windows, frameless all-glass systems, as well as wide selection of front doors made from wood, wood-aluminium, uPVC and aluminium.


Gaulhofer sets great store by first-class quality – as one of the few leading manufacturers in the german speaking countries of Europe Gaulhofer offers a 30-year warranty on the wooden and wood-aluminium window construction. Sustainable production methods and the use of indigenous raw materials are also a top priority at the company. Manufacture takes place in Austria: The HQ in Styria manufactures wooden and wood-aluminium windows and doors, as well as uPVC windows and doors. To guarantee long-lasting quality, these highly complex products must be professionally installed. This is why Gaulhofer cooperates only with qualified fitters and specialist trade partners.

Your Gaulhofer contact

Executive Board & Management

Thomas Braschel

E: thomas.braschel@gaulhofer.com

Horst Kögl

E: horst.koegl@gaulhofer.com

Kerstin Rieger
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung

E: kerstin.rieger@gaulhofer.com

Thomas Wieser

E: thomas.wieser@gaulhofer.com

Franz Kastinger

E: franz.kastinger@gaulhofer.com

Christian Pirstinger
Head of Logistics

E: christian.pirstinger@gaulhofer.com

Bernd Huber
Head of the Customer Competence Centre

E: bernd.huber@gaulhofer.com

Alois Knap
Head of Sales Austria

E: alois.knap@gaulhofer.com

Barbara Pucher
Assistenz Vertriebsleitung Österreich

E: barbara.pucher@gaulhofer.com

Martin Bergmann
Head of Export

E: martin.bergmann@gaulhofer.com

Dietmar Hammer
Head of Product Management/Product Development

E: dietmar.hammer@gaulhofer.com

Kerstin Kostwein
Head of Marketing

E: kerstin.kostwein@gaulhofer.com

Martin Zepf
Head of quality

E: Martin.zepf@gaulhofer.com

Peter Harrer
Apprentice Trainers

E: peter.harrer@gaulhofer.com

Dagmar Koller
Human Resources

E: dagmar.koller@gaulhofer.com

Guy Caelen
Head of Cost Controlling

E: guy.caelen@gaulhofer.com

Hans Blenninger
Head of Order Processing Germany

E: hans.blenninger@gaulhofer.com

Markus Pfeil
Head of Service/Customer Service Germany

E: markus.pfeil@gaulhofer.com

Peter Hatz
Head of Accounting

E: peter.hatz@gaulhofer.com

Walter Held
Authorised signatory, Head of Sales Germany

E: walter.held@gaulhofer.com

Competence centre

Berthold Stelly
Auftragsbearbeitung Ellwangen

E: berthold.stelly@gaulhofer.com

Julia Jaroschewski
Competence Centre Export

E: julia.jaroschewski@gaulhofer.com

Klaus Feldmeyer
Auftragsbearbeitung Ellwangen

E: klaus.feldmeyer@gaulhofer.com

Klaus Feldmeye

Thomas Mittermeier
Auftragsbearbeitung Ellwangen

E: thomas.mittermeier@gaulhofer.com

Verena Comploj
Competence Centre Export

E: verena.comploj@gaulhofer.com

Sales staff

Friedrich Meißnitzer
Sales Salzburg/Ennstal

E: friedrich.meissnitzer@gaulhofer.com
T: +43 664 44 07 608



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