The GAULHOFER NATURELINE 92 with no less than 92mm overall depth is the high-end window solution in the wood segment. By dint of innovative product development it achieves a standard UW value of 0.83 W/m2K (without the use of ecologically questionable PUR foams). The Uw value of 0.66 W/m2K sets new benchmarks in window construction.

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Completely hidden – outstanding load-bearing capacity

The new, completely hidden fittings solution in the GAULHOFER range of products not only offers an elegant, “tidy” inside view of the window casement (picture), it also features a heightened load-bearing capacity. This solution is therefore offered as standard for the top versions of FUSIONLINE 108 and NATURELINE 92.


Innovative extras like GAULHOFER Thermostop® and GAULHOFER Audiostop® ensure more warmth, quiet and open vistas, keeping your GAULHOFER permanently beautiful.


The GAULHOFER range of paints and glazes fulfills every wish. Design your own windows just as you would like them.