The new ENERGYLINE sets new standards as “best energy saver” and is the best possible choice for low energy houses and passive houses. The highly stable profile with PowerDur glass fibre reinforcement does not need a steel reinforcement therefore the formation of a thermal bridge is prevented, correspondingly enabling a UW top value of 0.65 W/m2K (ENERGYLINE PLUS: 0,59 W/m2K). The subtle redesign offers an elegant design, significantly slimmed appearance and larger glass surfaces – also with two-wing elements. Technical innovation combined with timeless design – this is the new Gaulhofer ENERGYLINE.

Stark ohne Stahl!


The PowerDur innovation, a highly stable glass fibre reinforcement, replaces the thermally disadvantageous steel reinforcement. It prevents thermal bridges and correspondingly ensures significantly improved insulation properties, increased living comfort and less heating costs. Contrary to customary steel reinforcements, the surrounding PowerDur stabiliser enables optimal screw connection at any fixation point.


Innovative extras like GAULHOFER Thermostop® and GAULHOFER Audiostop® ensure more warmth, quiet and open vistas as standard, keeping your window beautiful longer.

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