"Innovative energy and tradition are directly
linked to the success of our company."

Manfred Gaulhofer
Co-Owner, Deputy president of the supervisory board

GAULHOFER has been manufacturing windows for more than 90 years.

The company was founded by Karl Gaulhofer as a carpenter and cabinet maker’s shop in Frohnleiten in Styria in 1919. Actual industrial window production commenced in 1963 when GAULHOFER started producing so-called standard windows as one of the first companies in Austria. This corresponded with the building boom during the wirtschaftswunder years, and the standard windows were soon sold via a dealer network covering all of Austria.

The first natural wooden windows were launched on the market in the 1970s: made by GAULHOFER. The company already employed 200 people in 1975 and moved from Frohnleiten to Übelbach, where its headquarters as well as the GAULHOFER wooden window production are still located today. Soon afterward – in 1978 – GAULHOFER merged with a local partner and began to build up a sales network in Germany. In order to be able also to serve the growing market for uPVC windows directly, the production site in Mäder (Vorarlberg) was opened subsequent to a company takeover there in 1987. The first GAULHOFER windows made of uPVC were delivered the following year. GAULHOFER launched its first wood-aluminum windows for private customers on the market in the mid-1990s. GAULHOFER sets international benchmarks with its quality products in the woodaluminum segment still today. GAULHOFER has officially been among the largest suppliers in Europe since 2000. The reason for the success is not least due to the innovational spirit, which is enthusiastically upheld in the company, mirrored regularly in product innovations. Thus the advantages of the gluing technology inferred from aircraft construction and automotive engineering were applied to windows by GAULHOFR in 2005: the birth of the GLASSLINE without window casements.

2009 marks the 90th anniversary of Gaulhofer's founding and once again, the firm is one step ahead in development: With Gaulhofer's Edition 90 Ökoline window, it becomes possible for the first time to save energy using purely natural and ecologically sensible insulation material.

Utilising further product innovations, Gaulhofer will extend its range in the wood and wood/aluminium sector to create a complete "model kit". The wooden window NATURELINE 78 (with BT 78) and the wood-aluminium FUSIONLINE 94 window (with BT 94). The aluminium shell designs for wood-aluminium and uPVC-aluminium windows are being relaunched and are now available in three types: PURE, SOFT and PLANE.

In 2004, the group reformed under the leadership of successful investor Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg's Austroholding. Dr. Manfred Gaulhofer took a 25% per cent share. GAULHOFER accommodates growing demand for large elements with a new ENERGYLINE uPVC lift and slide door as well as the new INLINE lift and slide door in wood-aluminium finish.

With GAULHOFER INLINE, the company will furthermore introduce a new generation of flush wood-aluminium windows to the market in 2015.